Press Release

Press Release


Cancer Exercise Training Institute Announces Renewed Partnership with Leading Fitness and Allied Healthcare Professionals Organization, MedFit Network and MedFit Education Foundation

Portland, Oregon/Costa Mesa, CA – (April 4th, 2022) – Cancer Exercise Training Institute (CETI), the global leader in oncology exercise since 1995; training more Cancer Exercise Specialists worldwide than any other organization, has initiated a renewed strategic partnership with the MedFit Network, a professional membership organization for fitness, medical and allied healthcare professionals; and MedFit Education Foundation, dedicated to facilitating education and empowering professionals to work with those who have medical conditions, chronic disease, disabilities and/or women’s health issues.

The renewed CETI and MedFit partnership will have an increased benefit to both organizations and includes an opportunity for CETI professionals to receive 50% off MedFit Network membership to promote themselves to the public via MedFit’s online directory of health and fitness professionals. MedFit members benefit similarly by receiving a savings of 50% off all CETI courses.

“Our mutual organizations embrace the transformation of fitness and wellness for leading the world to a healthier life,” said CETI founder, Andrea Leonard.

MedFit Founder Lisa Dougherty said, “Chronic illnesses and the health risk behaviors that cause them account for the majority of healthcare costs today worldwide. There is a huge opportunity for fitness and allied healthcare professionals to serve as pivotal players to make an impact in our world’s healthcare system.”

Lisa Dougherty was selected as a finalist for the White House Champions of Change in 2016, recognizing individuals and businesses doing extraordinary things to empower and inspire members of their communities.

Andrea Leonard is a 38-year cancer survivor and pioneer in oncology exercise. She has trained over 15,000 Cancer Exercise Specialists in 50 countries and is sought-after international speaker and presenter, author of 17 books on oncology exercise, and was the PFP/Club Industry 2019 Personal Trainer of the Year. She has contributed to PFP Magazine, ACE Certified, ACE Blog, NOU Magazine, Club Solutions Magazine, Bethesda Today, Capital Gazette, NASM’s Training Edge Magazine, Lake Oswego Review, Portland Tribune, The Oregonian, The Tidings inHealthOhio Blog, and News, Capital Style, The Examiner, The Washington Post, Dallas Morning News,, SpecialFit, and has appeared in countless videos including the Heartflex Breast Cancer Recovery video and been a regular fitness expert on AMNW.

About the Cancer Exercise Training Institute (CETI)

The Cancer Exercise Training Institute is considered the gold-standard of education in oncology exercise and has trained more individuals than any other organization in the world. The Cancer Exercise Training Institute has been the global leader in oncology exercise since 1995, educating health and fitness professionals to EMPOWER cancer patients and survivors through properly prescribed, evidence-based, and individualized exercise programming.

About the MedFit Network (MFN)

MedFit Network (MFN) is a both a professional membership organization for fitness and allied healthcare professionals, gyms, studios, integrative wellness centers, and students as well as a free online resource directory for the public to locate fitness and allied healthcare professionals around the world with a background in prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation in working with those with chronic disease or medical conditions.

About the MedFit Education Foundation (MFEF)

The Medical Fitness Education Foundation (MFEF) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) founded in 2017 dedicated to creating and facilitating education programming to empower fitness and allied healthcare professionals to work confidently with the aging population and those with chronic disease or medical conditions, disabilities, women’s health issues through online education, webinars and conferences.