CETI in The News

CETI In The News

CETI has been the global leader in oncology exercise since 1995; training more Cancer Exercise Specialists worldwide than any other organization. 


FitLabPGH Podcast February 2019

Andrea Leonard, Cancer Exercise Training Institute


Moving2live podcast February 2019

Andrea Leonard Interview


PFP May 2018

Raising the Bar

Club Industry Magazine March 2018

PFP Magazine October 2017

Understanding Breast Cancer and Exercise


The Daily News     11-14-2016

Kaiser Event Promotes Healthy Lifestyles

Pearlpoint Cancer Support    05-01-2016

Movement for the Cancer Survivor

Cancer Today      Spring 2016

Easing Into Activity

NOU Magazine   03-01-2015
Putting the Exercise Pieces Together

Bethesda Magazine   02-01-2015
Stronger Together

The Ellsworth American     10-12-2014

Fitness Trainer is now Cancer Expert

Today’s Dietician     October 2014

Breast Cancer and Exercise

The Training Edge   03-22-2014
Taking Control of Cancer

US Dep. of Human Services   01-30-2014
Physical Activity for Cancer Patients

inHealthOhio Blog and News     10-28-2013

Benefits of Exercise for Breast Cancer Treatment and Recovery

Integrative Oncology     August 9, 2013

How to Begin an Exercise Routine for Patients and Survivors


CapitalStyle   05-15-2013
Race for the Cure: Q&A with Andrea Leonard

Examiner.com   02-20-2013
The BOSU® helped cancer survivor Andrea Leonard

Club Solutions Magazine   12-20-2012
Training Members Who Have Cancer

ClubIndustry.com   10-01-2012
Breast Cancer Survivors Rebuild Strength with Pilates

Le Mars Daily Sentinel   03-07-2012
Exercise Specialist helps Cancer Survivors

LiveStrong.com   08-11-2011
Breast Cancer Workout

Herald Tribune   04-26-2011
Fighting Cancer with Exercise

stlToday.com   06-30-2010
Exercise Can Help Cancer Recovery