The Medical Advisory Board Behind Cancer Exercise Specialist Training

The Cancer Exercise Training Institute has been training health and fitness professionals to safely and effectively work with cancer patients, at all stages of treatment into survivorship, since 1995 (formerly the EMPOWER program and Breast Cancer Survivor’s Foundation). The original material was written in conjunction with the chief’s of breast surgery at Georgetown, George Washington, and John’s Hopkins University Medical Centers and a group of talented PT’s, OT’s, oncology nurses, and exercise physiologists. Since 2000, when the first edition of the “Cancer Exercise Specialist Handbook” was published, we have continued our research and expanded to include 25 types of cancer, as well as pediatrics, and the most up-to-date information on surgical and treatment protocol, lymphedema, individual assessment and application.

We have earned the title of “gold-standard” by maintaining a top-notch medical advisory board, providing cutting-edge material on current oncology practice, updating our materials every two years, and requiring our Cancer Exercise Specialists to re-test every two years to guarantee their understanding of the material. We are the only organization to require ongoing competency testing, ensuring safety and efficacy in oncology exercise programming.

Our amazing Medical Advisory Board includes the following professionals:

Original EMPOWER program –

Dr. Shawna Willey – Chief of Surgery Georgetown University Medical Center

Dr. Theodore Tsangaris Jr.  –  Surgical Director Breast Care Center Jefferson University Hospital


Supportive Programming 1996-2018 –

Dr. Glenn Gero – Board-Certified doctor of naturopathy, master herbalist, registered nutritionist, cancer exercise specialist, certified                                                   fitness trainer, and lifestyle coach.

Dr. Jay Harness – Breast Surgeon St. Joseph Hospital

Dr.  Robert Ellis – Director of the Integrative Oncology Program of Northwest Kaiser Permanente Medical Group

Dr.  Elizabeth Almli – Private practice physician and President and Fitness Director for The Tucson Cancer Conquerors,

Denise Stewart, OT

LaGary Carter, RN – Associate Professor and coordinator of the Exercise Physiology program at Valdosta State University.

Lynn Rosenzweig, PT 

Keri-Ann de Gannes, CLT

This group of amazing medical and fitness professionals contributes to the ongoing content of the Cancer Exercise Specialist Handbook which is updated every two years to assure delivery of the most current and cutting-edge content to its’ readers.

In return for the hard work and dedication of our Cancer Exercise Specialists, we commit to helping them create a thriving CES practice through multiple listings (including the Cancer Exercise Training Institute Directory and the MedFit Network Directory), exposure on social media, and regular education through our private CES Facebook group and webinars.  Here are some samples of videos/webinars that you will have access to:

The need for more people with specialized cancer recovery and cancer prevention expertise is immense:  in the US in 2018 there are 14 million cancer survivors, and 100 million people with increased cancer risk that can be reduced with exercise.  50% of medical doctors who want to prescribe more specific exercise programs don’t have the direct capability to do so.  This creates a need and a business opportunity for Cancer Exercise Specialists.  At CETI we are building more resources constantly to help Cancer Exercise Specialists connect with the patients, doctors and local professionals who need their support. Having a “piece of paper” in hand has no benefit if you can not reach the audience that you are trained to assist. This does no good for the specialist, or for the patient who may not know how or where to find them.  CETI provides not only the training, but the business benefits of patient referrals, doctor referrals, templates to connect with your local doctors, service pricing suggestions, suggested business tools and a library of workout programs that can be customized with local doctors, fitness professionals and wellness professionals.

We are proud to announce that we now have Cancer Exercise Specialists in Columbia, Jordan, Israel, Greece, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Singapore, Trinidad, Ireland, Lebanon, China, Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, India, Canada, Spain, Puerto Rico, South Africa, and the USA. If you would like to join our global community of Cancer Exercise Specialists, and are interested in learning more about bringing our advanced training to your fitness facility or spa, please contact Andrea Leonard at 1-503-502-6776 or