Recommended Programs

CETI is always on the lookout for ways to make learning easy!

This includes finding programs and providing collaborations that align with your best interests to help you grow and succeed in your fitness business!

We take the time to investigate and test what we promote. That’s why we’ve had an in-depth look at all the offers below to make sure that you will find value in them!

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” – Nelson Mandela


Open the Door Tai Chi


Expand Your Skill Set through Open The Door to Tai Chi & FAI.

Tai Chi is in demand as the Boomer population learns about its many benefits from their health professionals. Open the Door to Tai Chi teaches the Yang style 24 short form. Additionally, it helps you teach Tai Chi to beginners so that they can progress in a safe format.

The program is all online and completely self-paced. You will receive 8 hours of CEU credit.

Holistic Group Fitness Instructor


The Stress Management Institute for Health and Fitness Professionals™ has updated the group fitness instructor’s role in the 21st century to meet the needs of today’s society. Many times, individuals at a gym will only take group fitness classes. That means it may be the only fitness professional the individual comes into contact with. In this case, group fitness instructors often work more closely with other Holistic Practitioners and the medical community. This is why the Holistic Group Fitness Instructor™ evolved into a practitioner role. Holistic Group Fitness Instructors™ will offer our mind/body modalities to their class participants in either a group or private setting.

Holistic Stress Management Consultant


The Holistic Stress Management Consultant™ plays an integral role in the Mind/Body Medical and Wellness Continuum of Care™. As a practitioner, you are meeting with clients to help them prevent or cope with chronic disease and developing Mind/Body programs™. Additionally, the programs will include stress management coaching, mind/body art™, aromatherapy, breathwork, meditation, energy work, chronic disease self-management training, Shakti training, health promotion, and behavior change. You will also learn how to host affordable retreats to retain clients you already have while marketing to new individuals.

Natural Nutrition Coach


The Natural Nutrition Coach Certificate program through MedeXN Fitness Institute is designed to teach you the principles of healthy eating and individualized nutrition. Every person’s body is unique. However, the basic principles of eating healthy, whole foods apply to everyone.

This course provides a foundation for implementing a natural foods diet as a primary modality in the pursuit of health and the prevention of chronic disease. It is the perfect addition to a Cancer Exercise Specialists business