Pushing Past Barriers, Setting New Standards – Andrea Leonard

Andrea Leonard is the founder of the Cancer Exercise Training Institute, author of 14 books and countless articles, and is a sought-out speaker on cancer and exercise. Her impressive resume, numerous accolades and impact on thousands of lives is unquestionable; but what is not immediately obvious is that Andrea has perhaps had just about every reason imaginable to throw in the towel. Andrea has persevered multiple battles with cancer for both herself and alongside several loved ones. She has overcome significant personal challenges and family adversity as a once single mother of two. She has persevered as a committed fitness professional with a mission to give resources, hope and strength to those surviving cancer. Andrea  shares with us an honest glimpse into her journey to success – the ups, downs, peaks, valleys, and challenging realities of her relentless pursuit of making a difference in the lives of cancer survivors.

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