Pound Poms for Breast Cancer Recovery is Coming soon!

 “PoundPoms® 4 Recovery”, is the brainchild created through the collaboration of Andrea Leonard, President of the Cancer Exercise Training Institute & cancer survivor and Sherry ShamRock, founder of FIT 2 CHEER & inventor of PoundPoms (weighted cheerleading pom poms!) The inspiration was impelled when Natasha Madison a breast cancer survivor and friend of Shamrock’s, contacted her with a desire for Sherry to write an exercise prescription to help Natasha stave off the debilitating conditions resulting from her succumbing to Lymphedema, a chronic ailment that 100% of breast cancer survivors are susceptible to and up to 50% acquire. As a nationally certified personal trainer for 20 years, Sherry was familiar with Lymphedema, but was admittedly no expert. Her research with her sister, who is a PTA (Physical Therapist Assistant) and another friend Emily A. Smith-Francis, the co-author of “A Leg Up on Lymphedema,” advised her on the basics however it was meeting someone familiar with Andrea’s institute that prompted her to contact Andrea. A meeting of minds was quickly attained by the two and soon after, the idea of collaboration was the result. The goal of the “PoundPoms® 4 Recovery” program is to take survivors out of the medical mindset of their cancer and move them more towards a motivational mindset of recovery.