Grow Your Business – Publish Your Own Book (Lymphedema)



Publish Your Own Book

Have you ever wanted to publish your own book, but didn’t know where to begin? We have the solution for you. CETI will give you license to use our evidence-based book content and customize it so that you are the author. Choose from multiple titles and become the next subject matter expert in your geographic area!

Use these professionally printed books to present to medical professionals, support groups, races, fairs, and any other opportunities in which you can gain recognition as a subject matter expert on cancer and exercise.

Sell the book on your website or health club.

Give away the FREE PDF on your website in exchange for adding customer’s email to your list; this helps you to build a quality email list of interested parties who create the “community” that you must build in order to grow your business. Andrea discusses this and much more in business coaching.

Remember, people buy from those that they KNOW, LIKE and TRUST. We will help you to be this person!

How do you publish your own book?

  1. Customize your book cover
  2. Write the Preface, About the Author, Include Your Own Testimonials, and create your own Special Offer
  3. Take photographs to substitute for place holders in book
  4. Provide your contact information for the book

CETI will add your content, edit the book, and create a customized cover with you as the co-author. We will teach you how to self publish and you can order on demand! You can be ready to go in a few weeks – as soon as you provide us with the content!

*Book licensure for your territory must be renewed annually to maintain your geographic area. The cost of renewal is $49.00/per year

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