Customized Exercise Programming


Service specially designed for wellness coaches, personal trainers and professionals who need advice on specific programs for clients who are in the different phases of cancer diagnosis, treatment and recovery.


You meet with your new client and have them complete their health history as well as obtain all appropriate paperwork. Once you have their medical clearance and liability release, you conduct a comprehensive postural evaluation, range of motion assessment (when necessary), and all other initial fitness tests that you deem appropriate.

When completed, you submit all relevant information to us at CETI and within 48-hours, we will provide you with an initial exercise program for that client. You can be confident that the exercise program you present to your client will be top-notch as far as expertise and efficacy. This is not only a benefit to your client, it is an opportunity for you to learn and grow. We will provide you with explanations for every exercise recommendation as well as a schedule of how to progress and when to re-evaluate.

You can focus on your client, building a relationship with them, and teaching them proper form and function while we take the fear and uncertainty out of those first couple of sessions!

Package includes:

*  Comprehensive health history review

*  Postural assessment review to identify muscle imbalances that may cause undo wear and tear on the joints, lead to arthritic changes, and pain

*  Range of motion review to determine limitations that may cause pain, affect performance, and limit your ability to perform activities of daily living as well as exercise and sports

*  Discussing personal goals and interests of client and creating a multi-phase personalized exercise program for your client

We will address lymphedema identification, prevention, and management as well as specific exercise protocol to address the acute and chronic side-effects of treatment, muscle imbalances, range of motion limitations, and co-morbidities.

Benefits of your customized exercise programming include the following:

*  Improved treatment tolerance

*  Increased strength & stamina

*  Better sleep

*  Improved appetite

*  Prevent/minimize the risk of osteoporosis, diabetes, future cancers, high blood pressure and cholesterol, heart disease, future cancers, damage to the heart & lungs, and lymphedema